Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art Journaling: a how to

I love journals.  Usually I have several going at once for different things.  Currently I have a prayer journal, a calendar journal that will eventually be turned into a scrapbook, and an art journal.  

The art journal is the most fun for me right now.  I'm in a bit of a cramped space, so my creative outlets have been limited.  So, this art journal allows me to be creative on a small scale without making a huge mess.  Now, I know there are some VERY elaborate art journals out there, cough, cough...Donna Downey...cough, cough, but right now I just don't have the mental or physical space to work on one.  Someday...

So my art journal is creativity on a small scale, combined with a calendar, combined with a scrapbook. 

This one is for 2013...very much an ongoing project.

In this journal I doodle, sketch, journal, add news articles and more.  

To keep some order to it, I use the same size rectangle for each day.  I plan to create an entry every day this year, and to fit it into my chosen sketchbook I have placed 4 rectangles on a page.  (to make it quicker, I have a template for the rectangle that I can just trace).  Since this isn't a high quality book (I think I paid $4 for it) the paper is pretty thin and things bleed through.  To compensate, I am only working on one side of the paper at a time...so there are blank pages between spreads.  Don't do as I do...buy better quality paper if you can swing it.  I also use a sheet of cardstock behind the page I am working on so that it doesn't bleed through to my other pages.

Here are my low mess tools.  I use colored pencils, pens, markers, glue sticks and the best thing ever...watercolor pencils.  Watercolor pencils are essentially water soluble color pencils.  So you can get a watercolor look with out having a bunch of wet paint lying around.  I just keep several brushes and a small amount of water at my desk.

I work on it as time allows, taking a few minutes each day.  Some things I try to include in each entry are the weather, what we had for dinner, a "this day in history" fact, and I include small doodles or artwork related to the day's activities.  I also try to find a news snippet off of the internet to print.  I don't get wordy with those, the headline is fine.  My goal for each day is to give a quick snapshot of the day..not a detailed essay.

Here is a two page spread again.  I think this will be fun to look at when the year ends!

So get inspired!  Create an art journal of your own or as part of your homeschool portfolio.

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  1. I love art journaling. I really like the daily journal entries you are doing. Keep posting about this and showing us what you are accomplishing.

  2. This is amazing! What a beautiful idea!!

  3. Beautiful!!! I started mine this morning. Thanks for the 'how to'.

  4. the coolest idea. love it. I often journal my Bible studies, but I love the idea of a daily "life" journal.

  5. Very interesting, Your a great artist by the way!!

  6. what a neat idea, and I love your artwork! I don't know how well this would work for me, since I don't draw much, but I can doodle. I think my daughter might like to do something like this though.

  7. I think we are going to start a new twist on journaling in our school. Very creative and so much fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I LOVE THIS! AND I used to go to a dentist named Dr. Pryor!!!! Alas, he retired. :( LOVED that man!!!!!

  9. Love the idea. Thinking of incorporating this into the boys' project life albums for this year.

  10. Wow, I love this too! Thanks so much for sharing the idea, it is so creative! Off to brainstorm this with my kids to see how we could do it as a family!

  11. Love this! Never heard of an art journal before, that's awesome!

  12. Got our books.....we are having a blast with this idea. Thank you again for sharing. This will be like a life long journal for the kids plus their creativity.

  13. I started this year a prayer journal but nothing like this, you have inspired me to start one. Thank you so very much and keep up the good work.